Noire Handbag

  • Material : Synthetic
  • Dimensions : 45 cm x 29 cm x 15 cm
  • Space : 5 multi-function pockets
  • Zip opening
  • Unique NOIRE code on each handbag
  • NOIRE community
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Noire handbag has five pockets in total, including a special pocket designed to hold your tablet. It easily fits your notebook, books, and other small items. The bag is animal friendly - made of artificial leather and polyester inside. Within this offer, customers will receive a pre-selected code on their handbag. 

Noire Handbag

Minimalist design, unique NOIRE code

Noire bag price

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 NOIRE Community & The Code of Fashion

This design includes The Code Of Fashion - a small unique code from the NOIRE community. The Code Of Fashion is used for authenticity protection, but also it can be used for registration to the community in the NOIRE mobile app or to get access to special benefits and fashion events. 

Noire fashion app NOIRE Community

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Category: Handbags

Concept Noire - the next level of fashion

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