Noire Handbag


  • Material : Synthetic
  • Dimensions : 45 cm x 29 cm x 15 cm
  • Space : 5 multi-function pockets
  • Zip opening
  • Unique code on each handbag
  • Connected with Instagram
€149 / pc
Noire opens a new way how to share and express your style. Each of the Noire handbags have a unique 5-digit code on front side. Using the code others can view his/her look book or Instagram. This unique connection between a person’s profile and the code from their handbag also serves as a protection of authenticity. Noire is in fact the first fashion brand that offers originality protection to customers against knock-offs and fakes

There are 5 pockets in total, including a special pocket designed to hold your tablet. It easily fits your notebook, books, and other small items. The bag is animal friendly - made of artificial leather and polyester inside. Within this offer, customers will receive a pre-selected code on their handbag. Along with the handbag you will receive a welcome letter with directions on how to register your handbag in the app.

You will receive your Noire bag in beautiful Noire packaging.


Express your style with the Noire handbag

Noire Handbag

Every handbag from the designer edition has an unique code

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Black handbag with minimalist design

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Noire is the first handbag protected against fakes

The unique code belongs to the owner and is searchable in the Noire mobile app
Noire fashion app
Find fashion inspiration using the code from Noire handbag
Get VIP user account in the Noire mobile app
Noire mobile app
Express your style in a new way
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€189 / pc

Concept Noire - the next level of fashion

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